Mantis/Tiger Moth/Cricket

Mantis/Tiger Moth/Cricket

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Light weight, easily towed, plumbing, electric and solar!

TAXA Outdoors is the leading manufacturer of light weight, recreational campers and trailers for wanderers seeking adventures off the grid. TAXA makes the ultimate adventure camper so you can get out there and rediscover every day.


Take your adventure anywhere.

With rugged, radial tires and torsion axle, you can literally tow your Cricket camper anywhere you want. The camper sleeps two adults and two children, houses integrated plumbing, and a tow connection recharges battery while hauling so you can enjoy 3+ days off the grid.


Model Make Sale Price
TREK Tiger Moth Please Contact
TREK Cricket $41,236$38,990
TREK Mantis $45,086$42,990
TREK Cricket $42,172$38,990
TREK Mantis $45,086$42,990
TREK Cricket $41,223$38,990

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