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Camping just got a whole lot better.

nuCamp RV manufacturers the highest quality recreational vehicles and truck campers available in North America. The dedicated craftsmen and women who work at nuCamp RV fabrication facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio are committed to the principles of innovative design, high-quality fabrication, and fanatical customer support.


The T@G and T@B Teardrop Campers have long since become a cult object.

One reason for this is their unmistakably unconventional style and the other is, of course, their active fan community. The campers are, in any case, one of the most unique travel trailers anywhere and will surprise you with their modern and luxuriously crafted design.


Teardrop camping made simple.

In 2010, Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers reached an agreement with Dutchmen Manufacturing to acquire the rights to the TAB Teardrop Trailer.  nuCamp started by offering the traditional floorplans originally designed within the US as well as European markets.  However, shortly thereafter, the company introduced two new models that featured an innovative wetbath – something that had never been done before in a teardrop camper trailer.


Model Make Sale Price
Outback T@G $25,613$22,990
XL T@G $30,109$25,990
320S T@B $36,120$32,990
320 CS-S T@B $33,422$30,990
320-S BD ED T@B $35,412$32,990
320-S BD LIMITED T@B $37,811$35,990
Outback T@G $25,613$22,990
XL T@G $30,109$25,990
320 S T@B $34,125$30,990
400 T@B $45,678$41,990
XL T@G $23,698$20,990
XL T@G $29,798$26,990
XL T@G $28,722$25,990
XL T@G $29,712$25,990
400 T@B $43,102$39,990
400 T@B $44,316$40,990
400 T@B $43,614$39,990
320 CS-S T@B $33,422$30,990
320-S T@B $34,116$31,990
320-S T@B $34,121$31,990
320-S T@B $33,150$30,990
320-S T@B $29,155$25,990
320-S T@B $36,120$32,990
320-S BD EDGE T@B $34,179$32,990
320-S BD EDGE T@B $35,412$32,990
400 BD LITE T@B $45,135$42,990
400 BD LITE T@B $42,135$39,990
400 T@B $43,597$39,990
S T@B $30,237$27,990
S T@B $34,129$32,990
S T@B $34,124$31,990
CS-S BD LITE T@B $37,811$35,990
400 BD LITE T@B $45,163$42,990
400 T@B $42,786$40,990
400 T@B $42,135$38,990

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