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4 Seasons Truck Camper

Utilize your truck camper all year long remaining comfortable in extreme heat or cold temperatures with the Lance Four Seasons Certified option that includes along with standard dual pane windows and advanced ducted heating: water heater bypass and winterizing valve, insulated hatch covers, heated tanks and insulated bed pad.


Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows are proven in their insulating properties. Not only do they increase the "R" value, they look great and offer more sound proofing over standard windows. The dark tint also repels heat and protects interior fabrics.


Ducted Heated System

Lance features an advanced ducting system for optimal heat distribution. Unlike most RV manufacturers, Lance spends a lot of time engineering the most efficient ducting routes so your camper does not have hot or cold spots, resulting in even temperature throughout. The holding tanks are included in this this system, which is unique to Lance products.


Water Hearer Bypass

The water heater features a bypass and winterizing valve to make storing of your camper easy. This feature protects your system for optimal performance and longer-life.


Azdel Insulation

Further improving insulation is the use of Azdel which is a Thermoplastic composite product that eliminates wood from Lance camper walls. as a result, rot, mold and mildew are all but eliminated while simultaneously increasing the "R" value and sound proofing.

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Model Make Sale Price
650 LANCE $36,123$34,990
825 LANCE $37,681$35,990
855S LANCE $51,372$48,990
865 LANCE $41,202$38,990
995 LANCE $52,614$48,990
1172 LANCE $68,761$64,990
1475 LANCE $53,246$50,990
1575 LANCE $50,154$51,990
1985 LANCE PASSAGE $55,147$53,990
1995 LANCE PASSAGE $55,671$52,990
650 LANCE $38,122$35,990
650 LANCE $37,425$34,990

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