Adventurer/Eagle Cap

Adventurer/Eagle Cap

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Truck Campers by ALP: A Premium Truck Camper Manufacturer


Adventurer Truck Campers are durable and attractive. Our campers combine first-class construction and design with premium features throughout, including durable flame treated  upholstery, furnishings and extra storage compartments. From the appealing fabric options and comfortable furnishings to efficient galleys and rugged exteriors built to last. We focus on providing high-quality construction at an affordable price. So with our Adventurer Camper you get strong and stylish all at a great value.

Eagle Cap

Eagle Cap Truck Bed Campers are built to last and beautifully designed with contemporary decor and furnishings. We use only high quality durable flame treated fabrics, which are attractive, safe, functional and easy to clean.

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Model Make Sale Price
80S ADVENTURER $34,585$32,990
80GS ADVENTURER $31,585$28,990
80RB ADVENTURER $31,490$28,990
80RB ADVENTURER $31,490$28,990
80FB ADVENTURER $39,990$36,990
901SB ADVENTURER $49,855$45,990
901SB ADVENTURER $49,985$45,990
901SB ADVENTURER $49,985$45,990
811 EAGLE CAP $47,812$43,990
960 EAGLE CAP $48,772$45,990
1165 EAGLE CAP $68,712$65,990
80RB ADVENTURER $34,848$32,990
86FB ADVENTURER $39,990$36,990
811 Eagle Cap $47,812$43,990
960 Eagle Cap $48,772$45,990
811 Eagle Cap $50,536$47,990
811 Eagle Cap $52,321$47,990
1165 Eagle Cap $68,712$65,990
1165 Eagle Cap $69,127$65,990

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